Professional luxury hair care personalized for every hair

Kérastase, professional luxury hair careLuxury is the freedom to be yourself – without compromise, without conventions. Kérastase represents the diversity and beauty of every woman and encourages her to be proud of herself as she is. With every fiber of her body and every streak of her hair. Kérastase is for women who want everything.

Every woman has an individual, unique hair need. One thing that all have in common: No woman wants to choose between a great look and radiant, well-groomed hair. You want soft, non-slip, healthy looking hair that is nourished intensively, with an irresistible shine and seductive fragrance. You want an experience for all the senses and a feeling like fresh from the hairdresser, every day. Kérastase offers an individual care solution and a unique hair care ritual in 4 steps for every hair type and mood: 1. hair diagnosis 2. hair bath 3. hair care 4. hair refine


Nobody understands the demands of hair better than a professional, trained Kérastase hairdresser and nobody understands the care better than Kérastase. That is why Kérastase is only available in selected, exclusive partner salons and online shops worldwide. Only the best and trendiest salons work with Kérastase and trust in the incomparable care and innovative formulations that the brand offers with more than 55 years of professional expertise.

Kérastase, professional diagnosisPERSONALIZED DIAGNOSTICS

Every Kérastase ritual in the salon begins with precise and professional hair and scalp diagnosis using the diagnostic camera specially developed by Kérastase. It allows hair and scalp to be enlarged up to 600 times and is the basis for an individual, very personal care recommendation. Which only one Kérastase partner salon offers and is always rounded off with a product selection from the following three steps: 2. hair bath 3. hair care 4. hair refine


Modern women only want the best for their hair. They expect maximum luxury and individual service as an experience, adapted to their lifestyle. Concentrated active ingredients freshly fuse to create a customized in-salon treatment for your specific hair needs. Capable of resolving all of your hair concerns, Fusio-Dose™ Hair Lab fundamentally treats your hair and immediately transforms for lasting results. Over 20 individual care combinations that meet two hair needs at the same time immediately give the hair new radiance – regardless of whether it is structure, smoothness, shine, anti-frizz or more density. You can only experience the #FusioWow effect in a Kérastase partner salon.